YesCacao Review

If I were to hand out a survey that asked people if they liked chocolate or not, chances are majority of responses would be a big, fat “yes.”

I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? It melts in your mouth to release its sweet, satisfying flavor.

I recently had the pleasure of sampling a different, healthier type of chocolate. Yes, I said healthy, and yes, I mean it. YES CaCao aims to give its customers the chance to say “yes” to taking charge of their health and supporting fair trade chocolate.

This isn’t just any ordinary chocolate. Sure, there’s dark chocolate and milk chocolate, but this chocolate bar is about as pure as pure can get. The cacao beans are picked and fermented for up to 5 days to allow the flavor and sweetness to develop. To keep the processing of the beans to a minimum, the beans are then sun-dried, ground, and melted into molds to give you nothing but pure, sweet chocolate.

YES CaCao bars are vegan, soy free, gluten free, 99% organic, non-GMO, and have a low glycemic index. Plus, they taste great. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth myself, but this chocolate bar is definitely satisfying. It is not too sweet, and has just the right amount of bitterness that I like.

My favorite part about this chocolate is that you can get creative with it! You can melt it and dip fruit in the chocolate, throw it in a peanut butter and banana smoothie, or chop it up and top your oatmeal with it. Whenever you need to satisfy your chocolate needs, YES CaCao is sure to please.


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Nathalia Iole