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Happy Wednesday followers! Today marks our kick off of video of the week! I have posted two videos focused on the issue of including animals within our diet. Melanie Joy is a psychologist,professor, and author who promotes economical justice and social empowerment. We have a way of naturally connecting to animals on some level but we go against our core values by consuming them. The first video focuses on bringing awareness, and the consequences of our food choices. The second video reveals the psychological effect of consuming animals. Society tends to see vegetarians and vegans as radicals because consuming animals has become the “norm.” Melanie Joy’s message is motivating and challenges people to become heroes of society by abstaining from animal consumption. So if you are contemplating a hamburger remember that cow was an animal much like our beloved pets, so why eat it? Make your food choices count!

rawnatureTopic Photo by:Kaitlyn M.(created on Published 11 November 2015

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