Dorit introduced me to raw foods at one of her tastings over a year and a half ago. It has changed my health and ultimately my quality of life. I was clinically diagnosed with Hypothyroid and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had found some relief in the past through alternative methods. However, eating vegan, raw has increased my energy, increased my healing abilities, aids in preventing colds or viruses, given me permanent weight loss, digestive and bowel improvements, and most importantly my symptoms of Chronic Fatigue disappear when I am on a raw vegan diet, as well as improvements with my thryoid condition.

The difference eating raw has made in my life is so tremendous I tell everyone I know about this food. Dorit is instrumental in educating and communicating the Raw Lifestyle to everyone she comes in contact with. Her book and message will change lives. It certainly has changed mine.

—Jianna Maarten Director/Producer


A vegan ‘friend’ on Facebook asked why, and this is what I wrote..
… A Goddess, who’s a raw food chef with two books out… She never pushed, asked, wondered, judged or questioned.. She accepted me for me and remained my friend, based on our spiritual connection and desire to raise the conscious vibrations as indivinduals on our own journeys and through our own experiences and expressions… It was her love …. I’m not choosing this lifestyle, her love chose it for me…..

“Dorit’s  combination of live raw and whole seasonal foods never tease the palate. They encompass it and invite it to celebrate and honor the divine from nature, to the divine within… Her  ‘higher conscious magical cuisine’ is directly responsible for me embracing the now life long path of veganism. A path I  had consciously  not chosen in the past. Her LOVE holds such power in the kitchen, that her creations are no less than ‘sacred art’  and because of this LOVE, I have been changed forever”.
Debra Wilson
Comedian/Actress – MADtv



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