Hello Serenity Space Readers! My name is Andy Ramirez and I am the new Communications Intern for
Serenity Spaces. I am a Public Relations major at the University of Mary Hardin- Baylor in Belton, Texas. I am
so excited to be able to share with you all my journey towards a healthier life! I would also love to hear all of
your stories of success and challenge as you embark on living a healthy and more peaceful life.

I was never the one who enjoyed working out or eating healthy. To be honest I never understood the
importance of either one of those things. I am a small built girl so I thought that since I am small in size I must
be healthy (one of the biggest misunderstandings that I have ever had). In January 2016, I began to work out
and included spinning in my routine. For those of you who are new to this term, please allow me to explain it to
you. Spinning is all about building cardio and strength, two things that I really needed to work on. As you spin,
there are different resistance levels you can spin at, each one building more strength and endurance. Each
person has their own stationary bike. During your work out there are several different work outs you can do to
gain strength on your spinning bike. One work out is riding your bike for 60 seconds at 90- 100 RPM
(revolutions per minutes). For example, 90 RPM means that on pedal makes a complete revolution 90 times in
one minute. Throughout your spinning work out you would do different exercises such as the one above. By the
end of your spin work out your body is drenched in sweat and is sore from all that effort but also more
refreshed and energized as ever.

Throughout my four months of spinning, my cardio began to strengthen. I was getting stronger. Spinning was a
difficult work out but for the first time I was enjoying working out. What I realized is that working out is only one
piece of the puzzle, healthy eating plays a major role in shaping up your entire routine. I began to keep a food
journal, writing down all that I was eating, drinking and the times in which I was doing it. If you have kept a food
journal, then you know that it is a huge eye opener. My body is a temple but I was not treating it like I should
have. Yes, I was working out several times a week but not eating right played a negative effect in my life.
Spinning and eating healthy are not easy but believe me when I say-they are worth it. The best things in life are
never easy, but if they were would we value them as much?

As you embark on your journey towards a healthier life, always remember that you are capable of achieving
each and every goal that you set for yourself. I will be here at every step of the way to encourage you, give
helpful tips and share my own progress report with you all. We are conquerors and conquerors do not give
up. Here is to finishing the year stronger!


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Andria Ramirez