Serenity Fresh Juices

Photograph by Gareth of Lensology

SERENITY FOODS Customized Juicing

Juices are made fresh daily  according to your Ayurvedic Dosha or according to a Medical Practitioner’s requests

Minimum Order (3) 8 oz bottles of Juice

Single Juices
EG: Carrot, Orange, Grapefruit, Celery, Cucumber = $8.50

ADD: Lemon, fresh Peppermint or Apple for $1 extra
ADD: e3Live or Spirulina for $3 extra

Mixed Juices

8 oz = $10.50

ADD the following for $ 1 extra
Ginger Root , Tumeric Root

ADD the following for $ 3 extra
Aloe Vera (fresh stem)
Chia Seeds
Spirulina or  e3Live


Green Smoothies $8.50
Fruit Smoothies $8.50

ADD the following for $ 3 extra
MACA, Hemp Protein, Moringa or Plant Protein, Pea Protein  (or mixed vegan protein powders)

Delivery to West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Larchmont & Hancock Park = $15
All other areas = $30

We suggest that you arrange for a pick up with LYFT or UBER (or a delivery company) to make sure that the juices can be delivered at a convenient time for you. Otherwise all deliveries are between 6-7am on weekends and 10-11am on weekdays. All bottles are plastic and BPA free unless you prefer glass bottles for which there is an extra $1.50 charge.

To place an order pls email or Phone 323-651-4511