Serenity Foods

We teach how to grow private and community gardens, how to use foods for their restorative qualities, encourage sprouting and pickling/fermentation of foods and promote community, grass roots based food supply. We welcome those who seek to pursue a life that honours the land and those who are Nature’s stewards. We organize tours of local farmers markets and when possible, tours to the farms themselves. We are presently seeking to create an internship program for our Serenity Foods Members with local farmers. We are based in the Los Angeles area and are anticipating expansion to other areas. We specialize in Organic or Biodynamic and Wild-crafted, Living, Plant dominant Foods straight from the farm to you!

Serenity Foods is the creation of many universal forces that create our food supply via Nature, and is prepared by Dorit, who is our founder.
Dorit offers personal chef services and recommendations that examine and promote sustainability on all levels and all aspects of our lives – from the fields to the kitchen, to our bodies and beyond. All sessions with Dorit are solutions based and show the sweeping environmental impact of our food choices for all life beings on Mother Earth as well as the impact on our water, soil, air supply, transportation and energy costs as well as on poverty and hunger.

Serenity Foods creates menus for food based establishments, spas and retreats, trains staff, groups and individuals in creating truly green gourmet meals and leads educational workshops exploring the Sacred Art of Eating and the connection between food and mood swings. Private sessions which include kitchen makeovers and personal chef services are also available.


Single Session, 1 hour $150.00


10 sessions Package $1000.00


Phone: 310-928-7689

We cater special events for groups of up to 150 people
Weddings ~ Bachelorette Parties ~ Birthday Parties ~ Networking Events ~ Corporate Happy Hours ~ Holiday Parties ~ Launch Parties and more. Catering available for off site events only



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