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Running can be very difficult, especially in the hot summer heat. There are always excuses we make to not get off the couch and go running. The list is endless. What if I were to give you five encouraging reasons to start running and even take part in a 5K?

New Hope Blogger Co-Op has put together a list of five key ideas to which will help you start and complete a 5K run.

1. Recruit a support team

Running with other people is always easier. You have accountability when running with others and have a source of encouragement when running gets difficult. Find one friend or find five friends, you will not be disappointed.  

2.Ditch the guilt

Most of the time we are our own worst enemy. We are often too hard on ourselves when we do not reach our goals but these five key successes are meant to jump start your progress not make you feel guilty if you happen to miss a day or get injured.

3.Put yourself first

Always remember that when it comes to running, someone will always be faster than you but that is okay. Remind yourself that you have come a long way and should be proud of all that you have accomplished.

4. Reward yourself

For each week you complete your running, remember to reward yourself for all your hard work. Make a list of different non food related activities such as pedicures or buying a new outfit. You will be working hard all the way until your 5k so always remember to reward yourself. You deserve it.

5. Make fun your finishing goal

No matter what your time is be proud of yourself. During your run enjoy the scenery and have fun. You will have been training and preparing for this run for weeks or months, enjoy it.

I hope this blog encourages and helps you either to start running or gives you helpful ideas as you continue your running journey!

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Andria Ramirez