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rawalmondsTell us why you want really raw almonds back

Would you like to be able to buy really raw unpasteurized, unheated, untreated California almonds once again at your favorite local markets? Action for Almonds needs to hear from you today! Your quick response is needed and you will have no further obligation. Click here to help

cornBook One
Celebrating Our Raw Nature… a Guide for transitioning to a Plant Based, Living foods Diet, is available on this website as a special, limited edition.

Spirooli raw-vegan pasta maker used in Dorit's workshops

spirooliSpirooli raw-vegan pasta maker used in Dorit’s workshops: This very versatile machine is a 3-in-1 Turning Slicer which is a very practical and innovtative way to use vegetables to make pasta, and shred, slice and twist most vegetables and fruits.The Spirooli has a suction cup base which adheres to smooth surfaces and has an easy to use interchangeable blade system with self-contained Blade Storage.

price: $29.95 + Tax & shipping. Payments by credit card or paypal.


e3liveliveE3Live: SPECIAL FOR ORDERS FROM THIS WEBSITE ONLY: One free bottle of E3Live and samples of the E3 Skin Care line with all orders. If placing order by phone, please mention Serenity Spaces to take advantage of this special offer. Boost immune system • promote healthy cholesterol • clarify and sharpen eyesight • increase endurance and strength • improve emotional stability • detoxify heavy metals • enhance blood flow to the brain • maintain normal blood-sugar levels • produce a more sound and restful sleep • optimize brains ability to use glucose for energy • improve memory, concentration, and focus • promote healthy growth of nails, skin, and hair • reverse premature aging, repair cell damage • imporove elimination, digestin and intestinal flora • protect cells from free radical damage • increase energy and sense of well being • eliminate toxins.

Dorit speaking at the Green Lifestyle Film Festival
recipes4lifeRecipes For Life (e-book)The e-Book, Recipes For Life is scheduled to be available around the beginning of summer 2010, if not sooner..In the meantime we now have a Recipes For Life DVD.Featuring the Wisdom and Insight of such luminaries as:

Louise Hay (Author & FilmMaker, You can Heal Your Life)

Dorit (Author,Celebrating Our Raw Nature)

Victoria Boutenko ( Raw Family)

Mike Anderson (Film Maker of Eating and Cancer From Inside Out)

Cathie Lippman, MD (Doctor of Environmental Medicine)

Cherie Soria (Founder, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute)

Dan Ladermann (Founder,Vibrant Living Expo)

Jim Carey (The CHI Diet)

Mia Marcum-Mccoy (Dalene’s Restaurant)

Diane Combs (Raw Auzzie)

Robyn Chandonnet (Nude Foods)

Jon Chandonnet (Nude Foods)

David Kaplan (Transition Nutrition)

Lionel Friedberg (Emmy Award Winning Film Maker)

Cori Brackett (Sweet Misery/Sweet Remedy)

Doug Clemons (FilmMaker, All Jacked Up)

Jennifer Mattox (FilmMaker, All Jacked Up)

Robert Cheeke (FilmMaker, Vegan Fitness)

Viktoras Kulvinskas (The GrandDaddy of Living Foods)

Happy Oasis (Happy Oasis Retreat)

Ron Gilmore (Raw Man & Green Girl Cartoon)

Minh Nguyen (Chef of Going Raw)

Ronnie Skurow (Film maker of Going Raw)To Purchase, please click here Price $20

corn-revisedNew All Raw Recipe Book!

This book is completely different from Book One,(which is directly above). This book is now available on Amazon.Com. The title is almost the same and the difference is as follows:

Book Two

Celebrating Our Raw Nature, Plant-Based Living Cuisine (it says Revised, which is erroneous as these are new recipes and information) This is

an all raw, recipe book with the accent on seasonal, sustainable cuisine.This SECOND BOOKis available on Amazon.Com and will soon be in book stores and health promoting establishments and green websites.

greennestGreen Nest: According to the EPA research, on average, the air inside our homes typically contain levels of pollutants 2-5

times higher than the air outside. Take the first step into transforming your health and quality of life by visiting our site.

You will find the information useful because our number one priority is your health and well-being.

Recipes for Life
imoovie-rffPurchase films from the 2007 Raw Lifestyle Film Festival

Now you can buy films from the 2007 Raw Lifestyle Film Festival at Imoovie.

Used in Dorit’s

Used in Dorit’s new ebook, Recipes For Life (available as of summer 2007) and extensively in her catering business

Recipes for Life
microphoneOn-air Interviews with DoritBig Media USA Interview – with Revvell RevatiRecipes For Life The Radio Show hosted by DoritAirs the first Sunday of every month at 4pm PSTListen with Mozilla Firefox for best results.



The intention behind this show is to expose a definitive way for breaking our chains to all our addictions and delve deeply into the healing power of Fasting with some of the leading authorities on this very overlooked and under utilized tool for transformation. This includes an amazing medical doctor in South Africa by the name of Dr Andre Kruger. There is a full one hour interview with Dr Kruger and Dorit.

You will be treated to a very expansive body of knowledge from medical doctors who have used fasting to heal themselves and their patients when other tools have not worked, to those who have witnessed the power of fasting in their supervised retreat centres dedicated to this deeply healing modality.

All aspects of fasting are examined here.

This is an opportunity where you may share your thoughts about conscious nutrition and your own wellness strategies or share any comments or questions about the raw food movement.

Thank you.

An International Forum: Conscious Nutrition:

A New Paradigm for Health

First Global Virtual Conference on Conscious Eating and Lifestyle

A Town Hall Meeting Setting Web Broadcast With on-line participation from the PublicAt the time of launching this radio show we assembled an international panel of some of the most prominent

leaders in their respective regions to discuss:Conscious Nutrition: The New Paradigm for Health with Special Guests:

  • Mark (Dr. Tea) Ukra , The Tea Garden, West Hollywood, CA
  • Ricardo Riskalla, Raw Fitness ,Sydney, Australia
  • Victoria Boutenko, Raw family…. Oregon USA
  • Jill Swyers…UK/Portugal
  • Roman Devivo, Genefit Nutrition..France
  • Antje Spors, Genefit Nutrition… Germany
  • Niedra Gabriel, Raw Trapeze Artist ..Israel / St.Lucia
  • Elyse Nuff, Certified Live Raw Food Chef, Author “Alive ‘n Raw…As Nature Intended”…Canada

This virtual conference was pre-recorded and formatted as a town hall meeting with on-line participation

from the public. All questions were screened through a chat line. For general questions, each speaker was

asked to share his/her view on the subject.

rawsummitRaw SummitUsed in Dorit’s new ebook, Recipes For Life (available as of summer 2007) and extensively in her catering businessUsed in Dorit’s new ebook, Recipes For Life (available as of summer 2007) and extensively in her catering business
holidaymealsRaw Vegan Holiday Feast, part 1Watch the You-Tube video, &qout;Raw Vegan Holiday Feast Part 1″ where Dorit shows how to prepare delicious raw-vegan holiday treats.
brownriceGerminated Brown RiceUsed in Dorit’s new ebook, Recipes For Life (available as of Autumn 2007) and extensively in her catering business, this rice from Japan is uncooked and germinated just until it begins to sprout.

Germination releases the valuable nutrients in brown rice, such as protein and Vitamin B1 and allows those who miss rice dishes to stay raw and still eat delicious, nutrient packed brown rice.

Price $5.00 per package (New weight 17.6 oz./ 500 gram.)

10 or more $4.50 each. (Click here to request a link to buy 10 or more at this price).

Payments by credit card or paypal.

nutbagMaking your own nutmilk is fast and easy with this sturdy nutmilk bag.Nutmilks are excellent replacements for dairy and soymilk.available in small ($9.75) and large ($12.95) sizes.

Payments by credit card and paypal accepted.

livingtreeLiving Tree Community: At Living Tree Community Foods you will find organic nut butters including almond butter, cashew butter, and Dorits highly recommend, black sesame tahini. They also have Californian olives and a unique California olive oil. You can place orders to be shipped anywhere. This company takes pleasure in supporting family farmers, and brings a lot of humour to the raw foods movement with their witty emails and announcements. They are a vital part of the movement toward live food as they believe that living food is more healing than any pill or medicine.Living Tree Coconut Dream is a raw butter made from 100% of the coconut. Upon opening, youll be greeted by the fragrant bouquet of fresh coconut.Also try their Authentic Native American Wilderness Rice collected using traditional Ojibwe Canoe Gathering Rites and Methods. This Delicious, Nutty-Flavored Wild Rice is Low Temp-Wood Fire Parched below 100 degrees Fahrenheit and stirred by hand exactly as has been done by the Ancestors for Generations!
ruthRuths Hemp Foods: This is the source for GMO free, cholesterol-free, vegan and raw certified organic hemp protein powder with sprouted flax and maca.Also a source for Organic Hemp Oil.
organicFind a Local Farmers Market: Find a local Farmers Market in any state.
sprouterFreshlife Automatic Sprouter: from Tribest Offers Year-Round Fresh Sprouts. This innovative system provides a controlled environment to grow fresh wheatgrass, micro-greens and sprouts without soil or pluming!
kleankanteenKlean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle: For those of you concerned with the toxicity of plastic water bottles, there is an alternative! Reusable, Light Weight, Risk Free Klean Kanteen is a reusable, light weight, risk-free stainless steel container that does not leach toxins into its contents.Reusable, Light Weight, Risk FreeKlean Kanteen is a reusable, light weight, risk-free stainless steel container that does not leach toxins into its contents. Recent studies link toxins such as bisphenol-a (BPA) from plastic bottles to breast cancers and reproductive mutations. Plastics migrate carcinogens including BPA during regular use, exposure to heat, and especially after cleaning.
organicLocate Organic Farms in Your Area: locate organic farms in your area
extremeMicheles Wild Tibetan Goji Berry Antioxidant Superfood: These Goji berries come directly from Tibet, and theyre all-natural, sun-dried, not processed nor artificially sweetened. These are the goji berries that Dorit recommends in her workshops. To order please phone: 1-800-800-1285.
organicOrganic Express: Provides home delivery of organic produce and groceries to homes throughout Northern and Southern California. They use their own trucks and there is no delivery fee! Organic Express was founded in 1995 by Paul Johnson in San Francisco. The healthiest way is now the easiest way!
composter2002The Envirocycle Composter: Make your own compost! Envirocycle has created this composter which produces quality compost and compost tea quickly and easily. It’s user-friendly, eliminates mess and odor, and is compact making it perfect for those with limited space. Envirocycle Simplifies Composting The Envirocycle composter is specifically designed to simplify the recycling of kitchen and garden refuse. It produces quality compost more quickly and easily than conventional composters by its rolling and mixing action which keeps the ingredients well mixed and aerated. Makes Rich Compost Tea This enviro cycle unit also makes compost tea, a rich organic liquid plant food appreciated by gardeners everywhere. Use it on your house plants, outdoor plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, garden and lawn.
salt2The Grain and Salt Society: The story of Celtic Sea Salt® began thousands of years ago, when the Celts discovered a way to harvest salt from the ocean using the sun, the wind, and shallow clay ponds. Pristine ocean channels spiral water into the concentrating ponds. The live flowing mixture is carefully stirred by the salt farmer, and dazzling crystals form and are gathered by hand. The ionizing action of the clay, combined with the artisan’s skillful method, passed down through generations, enlivens the unique, bioavailable array of trace elements that exist in a perfectly balanced matrix.Then as now, Celtic Sea Salt® is unparalleled in the world. Less than 1% of the world’s salt harvest has the artisinal quality of Celtic Sea Salt®. Pure, moist, biologically active, and free from any chemicals or additives, Celtic Sea Salt® is salt the way it is meant to be. The Grain & Salt society travels throughout the great salt-producing regions, hand-selecting only the best quality to become Celtic Sea Salt®. Each harvest is carefully inspected to ensure that the salt meets our uncompromising standards of harvesting, mineral content, taste, texture, smell, color, and crystal integrity. Only then can it bare the name of Celtic Sea Salt®.To place orders or for additional information please click here.
livestockRead Livestock’s Long Shadow click here.
healingwhathurtsFor more than thirty years Dr. David Y. Wong has been helping people realize they can tap into their bodies’ ability to heal itself. In his book, co-authored by medical writer Deborah Mitchell, he explains that symptoms like fever, aches and pains, depression, or a rash, maybe indicating that something is out of balance in one’s body or life. For many of these symptoms, there are natural practices that help the body heal itself. Click here to order or for more information.

raw_heart_n_solHeart n Sol: heart n sol
juicingJuicing Demonstration Video with Dorit: Unused juicing segment from the UNcooking Show, produced by Gilmo Media.JUICING VIDEO FROM THE UNCOOKING SHOW



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