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headshot-tiny “CELEBRATING OUR RAW NATURE” is a guide for transitioning to a plant-based, living foods diet. Dorit, who is the author believes that adding more live, plant based foods into the diet helps prevent and address chronic pain, depression and malaise:” I wrote this book after working for many years with clients and students who did not have any desire to give up their Standard American Diet but were suffering from malaise, depression, mood swings, challenges overcoming excessive addictive patterns and for all the people who came to me, demanding “I want to lose weight”. Explaining to them that their attention ought to be on losing toxins rather than a number on the scale was not what they wanted to hear. After much frustration, I came up with recipes that they would absolutely love and worked on changing their relationship with food rather than their image of the “ideal weight” The results were so tremendous, that most of them have pushed,
encouraged and supported me in writing this book.”Following the success of the book, Dorit wrote an all live foods book focusing on creating a nutritious, scrumptious true Green Cuisine with the accent on variety and seasonal recipes.This new book, published by Book Publishing Company and available on and bookstores worldwide is already creating a lot of buzz from its users.Dorit’s clients include Marla Gibbs (TV actress) and Andy Dick (TV actor), medical doctors and those suffering chronic pain and injury.

Dorit has appeared on various TV shows such as Fox Morning News in Louisville, Kentucky and numerous radio shows. She was also the host of an Internet radio show called Recipes For Life (the name of her next book) on www.iamhealthyradio.Com.


She travels around North America teaching The Sacred Art of Eating Workshop.

Information on The Sacred Art of Eating Workshop

For most of us, eating is something we believe we do.

However, in this workshop, Dorit, author of “Celebrating Our Raw Nature” and Certified Organic, Vegan, Living Foods, Chef and Chopra Centre Educator, asserts that we do not do know how to eat. Through a series of exercises practiced during the course of the workshops and at Retreats, Dorit teaches that the process of eating is a very sacred ritual and that true eating begins way before the first morsel of food enters the mouth. This Lifeskills Coach who is a student of many ancient philosophies and traditions, believes that mastication is a lost art form and that we now shovel precious morsels of food in our mouths and immediately down our throats in order to “stuff” whatever we are feeling or experiencing at the time. Participants in the workshops learn how to use colours and decor as well as artistically pleasing/environmentally.

Participants in the workshops learn how to use colours and decor as well as artistically pleasing/environmentally safe table settings and organic living foods to bring the sense of calm, comfort and connection with self that we so anxiously yearn for. Those who already experienced these workshops found that lifelong battles with excess weight as well as various conflicts with food and anxiety around meal times are not only relieved but that their entire relationship with food has changed. To find information on the workshops and retreats, please visit: or phone 310-864-2078.

“The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit Our habits are what either save us or kill us”…Dorit



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