Meals Monday- Planning Meals for the Week

Hello everyone! I am the new blogger for Serenity Spaces! I would like to help get everyone’s week off to a great start by encouraging you to plan out your meals. Plans can include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well. Planning meals for the entire week can be very helpful to anyone, weather it be the workaholic or the soccer mom. Having meals planned helps to maintain a clean diet by eliminating last minute meals of convenience, such as fast food and things that are more likely to contain synthetic chemicals. As a student in a small town it is easy for me to derail from clean eating but when I began to plan my meals, I found that it was easy to stay on track and make sure I was eating enough throughout the day. So followers don’t be afraid to pencil in a healthy snack or a creative new dinner recipe! Feel free to provide feedback on your personal experience planning your meals!

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