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“If You Are Not Experiencing Something In Your Outer World, You are Not Experiencing It In Your Inner World”. Develop your Inner Garden and begin to function from the deep well of your being through Meditation and Lifeskills Coaching.

Life Skills Coaching is not therapy. Psychotherapy is process oriented, whereas coching is action oriented. The goal of coaching is not to circumvent the need for therapy, nor to be a substitute. Most coaches and therapists have found that the combination of both is mutually beneficial to the growth of their clients.life2

In the LifeSkills sessions offered by Serenity Spaces, clients are given the option of either individual or group coaching or a combination of both.

lifeskills coaching Groups are small (minimum 4 people and maximun 8 participants.) Most groups meet twice a week although some groups might meet once a week with a lot of homework assignments in between. Field trips are a compulsory and integrative part of the coaching process offered by Serenity Spaces. We have found that field trips catapult and thrust the participants to make changes in a way that regular sessions are unable to do.

kellilifeskills Coaching can be done long distance through the use of telephone/faxes and emails and sometimes assignments are sent in to the Lifeskills Coach via the postal services or overnight delivery companies. The fee is payable by Credit Card or Paypal and is $125 per session with a discount of $15 for every 10 sessions purchased these are for individual sessions.

For 20 prepaid sessions.

For group long distance coaching, the cost is $ 75 per session ($65 for sessions of 10 purchased in advance).

The cost for individual sessions (face to face) is $115 ($100 each for 10 sessions paid in advance) Group sessions(on site) cost $65 each or $50 each with advance purchase of 10 sessions.

The cost of sessions in your home vary according to location and travel time for the Coach and weekend programmes are available as well.

Retreats are offered several times per year, in different locations.

life1Lifeskills coaching is for anyone who feels stuck, confused, bewildered or in limbo with aspects of his./her life. It could include destructive eating behaviour, loss of motivation to live a life of excellence, general malaise, lethargy, apathy or just feeling trapped. It is also for those who feel enthusiastic about life and wish to make changes but need the most effective/life transforming tools available., or simply need the support and direction/guidance of a professional.

Groups that are presently in session meet on Mondays at 2pm (on site, in West Hollywood,Los Angeles, California).

Additional coaching sessions will be offered should the need arise.

On Site: Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6:30PM

Long Distance : Tuesdays at 5PM (PST)

To schedule an appointment with Dorit, please fill out this form and make a payment for your session(s) to complete the process. Email the form to



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