E3 Live

Breaking the Bonds of Poverty

by Dorit, Founder of SerenitySpaces,org & GreenLifestyles.org

It baffles me that so many people are in a quandry about what to eat and when to eat.

This is clear indication to me that we have lost our sense of self, which is- Nature in all her Magnificence!

Nature is self- regulating and self- fulfilling. A rose knows when the Rose Season begins and so automatically (with the proper conditions in place) starts blooming into the magnificent beauty that is inherent in the Nature of being a rose.

Same with us humans. The problem is that most of our inner senses and regulators are turned off or are operating at very low vibrations which then prevent us from making the proper food choices to fertiilize our own inner garden so we will blossom into the full magnificent beings that we really are!

BrainOn2How can we make appropriate food choices when we are already functioning at a very minimal vibrational level? Since like attracts like, then it follows that when we are operating at our lowest ebb, we will crave and reach for foods that are of the lowest form of energy and vibrancy. Which just causes us to get stuck in this cycle of low output which leads to low input which in turn again leads to more low output which causes us to make decisions at a low vibrational place which creates low abundance (called poverty) . Poverty of mind leads to poverty of food choices, which leads to poverty of physical health which leads to financial poverty. How do we break this punishing pattern?
My first choice and the quickest way I have found is an extraordinary liquid available in frozen form called Brain On by the same company that harvests e3Live.

When I first consciously adopted a raw, living foods lifestyle, I found that by starting the day with e3Live, I never went back to the old food choices. At first I started with one teaspoon, then I went up to a tablespoon, and now I can drink up to 2 ounces and bypass wheatgrass altogether if it is either unavailable or if I simply am “all wheatgrassed out”!

Before long, I started incorporating this organic, wild-grown aquabotanical called E3Live in my meals which is why some of the recipes in the books Celebrating Our Raw Nature 1& 2 have it as one of the main ingredients.

Now, I have moved on to Brain On because I am so pleased with the results. As a result, when I teach and I am asked : “If I were to make one change what should it be?”  I immediately answer “ Brain On”. I know of so many people who have followed this advice and written me that this simple addition made all the difference for them in helping to change life long destructive patterns. Well, it makes sense since Vision Inc, (the harvesters of both e3Live and Brain On) claim that it crosses the blood brain barrier!

I also get emails asking: But why do I have to buy so many bottles at a time?

E3-Live2Well, no one does if one can find a store which sells it. The difference is that we then do not get the discount, nor the other specials that we receive when we order straight from the company itself. Right now, for example. with a coupon that simply has the words SERENITY in it, Vision Inc ( the people who harvest E3Live and Brain On ) are offering a special.

The other product that I highly recommend to help break the bonds of poverty is Baking Soda.

YES! Plain old (inexpensive) Baking Soda!!

Why? Well here are just some of the reasons.

Most people have way too much acidity in their bodies and live sub-par, acidity- creating lifestyles.

Another problem with emotional poverty is that our organs are chronically dehydrated. I do not understand why so many people do not drink water on a regular basis! NO one ought to be drinking sodas!  Pure, clean fresh water and foods high in water content is what the body needs and this is inexpensive as well.

The third and critical ingredient is movement on a regular basis. NOT exercise! But Movement.

Just Move your body!

You mind will move into higher levels of vibration as a result.

It is that simple.

All the solutions to our problems are simple. We complicate our own lives by looking for more than simplicity and quiet time. If these were our main intentions and we would set our attention for simplicity and some quiet time at all times, in all situations, our lives would unfold into the magic and beauty of the Universe. JUST LIKE THE ROSE DOES!

Keeping a diary, finding ways to live your passion, laughing out loud at least 10 times a day, hugging and smiling more and surrounding yourself with those who live their lives in a super charged energy field are other ways to break the bonds of poverty.

Start now……there is not enough time in anyone’s life line to waste any more time. You owe it to yourself to live a life full of the abundance of who you truly are!

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lit the flame within us.”

–Albert Schweitzer

Once you light your own flame, you yourself will automatically become a torch for lighting the inner fire within other beings. So do not hesitate! Throw off the shackles of fear and inertia!  A whole new world of light and healing awaits you!