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beyondraw-226x300Beyond Raw: A Philosophy – 2 Disk Set

Join Marie Larsson and Robin Keiko Gregory as they ‘go beyond Raw’ with Raw Guru Dorit, (Author, Celebrating our Raw Nature, Radio Show Host of Recipes For Life, Founder of the Raw Food Festival and the Green Lifestyle Festival, and Life Skills coach).


Regaining your power
Rediscovering your inner wisdom
Discover your relationship to food; first step to going raw
You have to eat to your own vibrational energy
Your relationship with food is indicative of your relationship to yourself
Why vegetarianism is not the complete answer
What books brought her Beyond Raw
How raw brought her back to life after nearly dying three times
How to live from the source of your being
Food is how we relate to each other
Meditation, movement, healing and rebirth
Why we must focus on transformation, NOT CHANGE
Intention vs. Desire
The truth about maca, and chocolate
Why some raw people go back to cooked food
How to climb to your health lifestyle
We are ill, not fully ‘beings’ why we hold on to our addictions
Why some people are victims of food
On honoring your likes and dislikes
Why Dorit craved dirt!
How to eat healthy in a negative family situation
Why we limit ourselves and what to do about it
How negative experiences lead to obtaining the next level
Why you must embrace your illness
The shift that is going on and how to be part of it
Eating locally in mega-cities
About illness
Vibration energy
How the family is used to control society
How food is used to control society
Vibration theory
Evolutional choices
Introducing raw to teens children, and your neighborhood
Physiological adaptations to eating
How we become acclimatized to our local foods
Slow Food movement
Why illness occurs
Traveling raw
How water is being controlled
The Magic Universe
Becoming who we truly are
How noise affects your vibrational energy


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