2018 A Year of No Grievances from me

I decided this month (December 2017) that what we call “2018” will be a year of no grievances for me.
I am preparing to do this by:

  • Being conscious of how many times I catch myself participating
    in a grievance or 2 or 3, etc., each day
  • By asking others to support me in this
  • Writing this blog
  • Documenting all the ways in which I creatively indulge in

I noticed already that most of my grievances are specifically focused
when I am:

  • In traffic- this will probably be my biggest challenge as I
    discovered that I complain a lot about people not using the
    signals on their vehicles and bicyclists & motor cyclists not
    paying attention to the rules of the road. To deal with this I
    plan to look at what exactly makes me so upset. Is it fear of
    being in an accident? Is it fear of hitting someone and being
    responsible for harming them? Is it fear of being delayed
    should anything happen, so I will not be on time for my
    appointments? By getting to the real underlying issue I shall
    need to do some detective work on myself so I can deal with
    this root cause and leave these drivers/ riders up to their own
    shenanigans without me getting all upset
  • Home-My downstairs neighbours incessantly smoking
    marijuana (the smell of which makes me very nauseous and
    dizzy) and cigarettes (which I find inhibits my breathing) and
    having the volume on their 2 TVs ( living room and bedroom)
    up so high that the walls & floor in my apt rattle and vibrate
    from the noise and I am not simply unable to sleep as a result
  • As a result of all this, I have stopped my at- home Yoga practice
  • So as of the 1st of January, these are the 3 main areas of my life
    that I shall need to merge with until I no longer complain

H E L P!!!